The FlipStep

The FlipStep Truck Bed Cover Pilot Program

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The FlipStep Pilot Program

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The FlipStep is continually improving existing products, and part of the process is testing the product in the real world. We are excited to finally invite truck owners with truck bed covers (soft rolling, hard rolling, soft folding, hard folding, retractable, one-piece lid, and cap) to participate in our pilot program for the new FlipStep that is designed to fit with truck bed covers. 

Pilot Program Requirements:

  1. Installation Photos: Participants must provide clear photographs of the FlipStep installed on their truck to demonstrate proper installation and use.
  2. Written Review: A comprehensive written review of the FlipStep is required, detailing the participant’s experience, including ease of installation, usability, and overall satisfaction.
  3. Car Wash Test: Participants are asked to go through a car wash with the FlipStep installed and report on the amount of water leakage (shouldn't be much, if any).
  4. Vehicle Information: Participants must provide the year, model of their truck, and the specific model of the tonneau cover being used.
  5. Timeliness: Feedback including photos, written review, and car wash test results must be submitted within 3 weeks from the date the FlipStep is received.

Benefits for Participants:

  • Enjoy a 20% discount on the product during the pilot phase.
  • Influence future product enhancements with your feedback.
  • First access to new products and future discounts based on participation and input quality.

Program Duration: The pilot program will commence immediately upon acceptance of participants and will run for a duration of 3 weeks following the shipment of the FlipStep to each participant.

We look forward to your valuable contributions to the FlipStep development and thank you in advance for your participation and enthusiasm!

Summary of Requirements:

  • Provide Images of Installed FlipStep
  • Email written review
  • Take it through a car wash to test leakage
  • Provide truck year, model and cover model

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