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FlipStep Features

Easy to Install DIY Truck Bed Step Tailgate Ladder | These Truck Bed Steps Make Travel, Work and Life Easier

Easy to Open/Close Handle

The handle is made from tubular steel and held in place with a ø3/8 diameter stainless steel pin. It comes with a built-in magnet that's strong enough to hold it in place when not in use. There's nothing fancy about it, just simply grab the handle and lift up, it will stop when it reaches the right angle to help you into the back of the truck. To put the handle back, simply push it back down and the strong magnet will keep it held to the base plate.

The Flip Step Truck Bed Steps features an easy open handle with magnet powder coated step handle
Low Profile After Market DIY Tailgate Ladder for Truck Beds

Low Profile

This tailgate step is 25" wide and 18.5" deep. At only 1-1/4" tall, the step won't interfere with loading or take up any space in your truck bed. Lots of room left for your toys!

Made in the USA

Your money goes to hard-working, local talent, who pride themselves on high quality.

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This Truck Bed Step Hardware Features an Advanced Spring Locking System to Prevent the Step from Rattling and Moving

Won't Rattle While You're Driving

The truck bed step features retaining clips and a ball-spring detent designed to keep the step from rattling or jumping out of place while driving. 

Seriously Secure Installation

The tailgate step is held in place securely by rivet-nuts, which are similar to the fancy wall anchors that hold heavy things on your wall, but these hold steel. The pullout strength for one is 820 lbs. They require drilling a small hole in the steel or fiberglass of your tailgate and are compressed to hold securely onto the sheet steel. It takes us about half an hour to install the rivet-nuts for each step.

Since the rivet-nuts are threaded, the step can be removed and re-installed very quickly. After the rivet-nuts are already installed, we can take off the tailgate step in about a minute (once it's already installed), and put it back on in about two minutes.

We've tried several methods of holding the step on the tailgate and determined the safest solution was a permanent one.

Easy to Install Hardware - TheFlipStep.com
The FlipStep Truck Tailgate Step Wide Frame Chevy Ford GMC Ram Pickup

Non-slip 16" x 16" Wide Tailgate Step Surface

Made from heavy-duty expanded metal grating, the main stepping surface is made to be wide and non-slip to keep your footing during every-day use.

Long-Lasting Design

We hate cheap consumer goods, and hate throwing them in a landfill even more. Because of that, we have designed a product that is meant to last a really long time. The FlipStep is fully powder coated and assembled with stainless steel hardware to prevent rust over time. We're offering a lifetime warranty that includes repairing any step that is broken or worn out. We would rather fix it than have it go in a landfill.

The FlipStep Tailgate Step can hold 300 lbs and is built with quality materials that are made to last.
The FlipStep Truck Tailgate Step Dimensions

Size, Weight, Rating

The FlipStep overall dimensions are:

27-5/8" wide by 18.5" deep, and 1-1/4" off the bed (the overall height is 3-3/8" when you include the front lip).

The weight is 25 lbs.

It is rated for 300 lbs (static load). 

Will this Truck Bed Step fit my truck?

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I installed my Flip Step last year and I love it. I no longer dread getting into the back of my truck, or loading / unloading things in the truck bed. Those tasks no longer take a toll on my back. It took about 30 minutes to install and is built with heavy duty construction. The installation directions are very clear and easy to follow. As soon as you stand on the platform you can tell this thing can hold a lot of weight. When I put the step down and there’s someone nearby, more often than not, they rush over to check it out. I highly recommend it. I will be taking it with me if I ever sell my current truck.

- Brad, TX

The FlipStep makes my job a lot safer when I have to get in the back of my truck. I couldn't tell you the number of times I've slipped off the back of my truck in ice or it just being wet. The position of the handle and the material it's made of is really grippy, so I feel like it makes my job a lot safer...

- Ryan, President of Lambda Audio Visual

I am in and out of the back of my Toyota truck on a regular basis... during all types of weather. I especially appreciate the handle and sturdy construction, and I am confident the step is secure in its place. I receive many compliments from fellow arborists...

- Toni Smith, Rainbow Treecare

I had to pick up a large load of wood with my truck, and it was so nice to use the FlipStep to get in the back of the truck and stack the wood in the bed. I would definitely put one on my 54 Chevy pickup.

- Brenda

I am very happy with the step, it is well designed and well built. It is obvious that much care went into the design and manufacturing of it as there is a lot of detail in each piece. I expect that the step will give me many years of good use.

- Tom

Getting in and out of your truck should always be this easy with our high quality

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We believe in high quality. Manufactured with durable materials and installed with sturdy rivet nuts. The FlipStep tailgate step is built to last a lifetime.


The FlipStep tailgate step for trucks provides a large, slip resistant surface and stable handle for safe mobility both entering and exiting the truck bed. 


We provide custom tools and a comprehensive manual to make installation a breeze. All you need is a drill! You can quickly remove the entire step with the included tools and re-install in minutes.