What is The FlipStep?

The FlipStep is an after-market tailgate step for full-size and mid-size pickup trucks. When we first developed our step, we set out to create a safe solution for getting in and out of a full-size or mid-size pickup truck. Our sleek, non-intrusive design does just that. 

Does The FlipStep fit on all trucks?

Our tailgate step fits on ALL full-size pickup trucks and some mid-size trucks. Check here for more information.

Does The FlipStep have a patent?

We are proud to be the only after-market tailgate step like this one on the market, and because of our patent, you are guaranteed to have this unique step without the fear of low-quality knock-offs.

How do I install The FlipStep?

A large concern for our audience is the ease of installation. We are concerned as well, and want to make the process as smooth as possible for you. There's no pretending here: you will need to know how to use a drill, and be somewhat handy. We provide the necessary hardware and fasteners as well as a comprehensive manual to make installation easy. Some new truck owners are worried about the permanent holes from installation. This is a choice we made for safety reasons, after careful consideration. We looked at other options for mounting, such as straps or cables that wrap around the truck bed, but the rivet nuts came out as an outstanding winner. The holes are plugged with the rivet nuts, and are hardly noticeable when the step is removed. Additionally, The FlipStep is meant for every day use, increasing the functionality of your truck just as common products like toppers, side steps, and hitches do for many consumers.

How sturdy is The FlipStep?

Our step can hold up to 300 lbs. and is made to last! Therefore, you can be assured that now matter how many times you use it, you will always be safe.

How safe is The FlipStep?

While the step is designed to help prevent the need for dangerous maneuvers, especially in rain or snowy conditions, the step has pinch points that pose a hazard. Please keep this in mind when using the product, and pay special attention when children are around. The hazard is small, similar to avoiding closing your fingers in a truck door, but we want you to stay safe!

Does The FlipStep rattle when you drive?

You won't hear a thing while you're driving. The FlipStep locks into place when not in use, so you don't need to worry about any shaking while your truck is in motion. 

Does the FlipStep ship to Canada?

No. Unfortunately we do not ship directly to Canada yet but we have had customers use receiving border boxes.

I have a different question about The FlipStep.

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