Chapter 1: Taking the First Step

Taking the First Step

We are The FlipStep team: a team whose goal is to create revolutionary products that solve every day problems. Our inventor, Marc, has worked with pickup trucks throughout his life and understands the importance of getting in and out of a truck bed – the basis for creating The FlipStep. He partnered up with John, a mechanical engineer, who has a passion for product design and development. They wanted to reach as many people as possible with The FlipStep, so they hired Olivia, a marketing specialist who understands consumer trends and the hard work involved in grassroots marketing.

Marc Crawford was always coming up with new ideas and attempting to build unusual machines. In his working years, Marc has many heavy-labor jobs where he learned to appreciate the importance of hard work and hands-on experiences. He worked with a plethora of tools, some that made his job easier, and some that were poorly designed. He developed a passion for useful tools – a desire to increase efficiency and design tools that complimented it.

At the time of The FlipStep’s invention, Marc was a truck driver, and he spent a lot of time with his thoughts on the road, his head reeling with ideas of how to improve heavy-labor. He eventually had a vision of a step that would make getting into the bed of a truck easier. This idea developed into what we now know as The FlipStep – a revolutionary aftermarket tool that was compact, safe, and versatile – an answer to the lack of durable tailgate steps in the market.