Chapter 2: Falter, but Never Fail

Falter, but Never Fail

Marc spent many years pushing his tailgate step idea to the back of his mind. Even through other unimaginative projects that kept him busy, his mind constantly circled around this revolutionary tailgate step. Once he began pursuing this invention, he realized he was making a drastic change – he was doing something he actually liked doing. He took a leap, building his vision out of nothing – without any guidance other than imagination.

During the building process, Marc had accomplished successful designs by himself, but he knew that there was an incredible amount of work ahead of him. He attempted collaborating with numerous engineers, finding them to be unprofessional and unhelpful. One contributor suggested a step made of aluminum, but it was too weak and compromised the compact design. After establishing the need for steel to create a superior product, he continued to rise past obstacles and improve his design.

Numerous revisions and half a dozen prototypes later, Marc created a tailgate step design that finally met his standards for quality. Yet, he understood that he needed additional help: an engineer for final touches and a marketer for reaching his audience.